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our values:

data, trust & love

our philosophy


Data - Believe the data.

Trust - Build trust with our investors.

Love - Receive love from our investors.

We believe that traditional traders are emotional and prone to create bias consciously or sub-consciously while buying/selling securities. Our AI Product is a data driven software based on artificial intelligence and market expertise.


The stocks and options our artificial intelligence software trades uses a propriety approach called "Smart Frequency Trading".  

our strategies

invest using investment models

what are investment models ? 

Suggestion of stock investment using algorithms that analyzes  -

  • security data 

  • market emotions

  • stock patterns/behaviors

our core 

The core of our business model is to develop and deploy strategies. These strategies evaluate securities by analyzing market activity using machine learning, predictive analysis & technical trading analysis. The intelligence of these analysis is built into a proprietary software called "Smart Frequency Trading". It automatically analysis all securities every day that are listed in NASDAQ and NYSE and suggests trades for equities.

We license our software to Saroj & Bhanu Fund, LLC. 

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