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data driven investments

our AI powered investments

Our home grown AI tools are programmed to think and perform tasks like a group of fund managers - quicker and with rationality. Our technology is all about crunching reams of data from 6000+ equities listed in NASDAQ and NYSE and using a combination of predictive analytics, machine learning & technical trading analysis to identify patterns and equity movements.

Our AI based product does the following -

  • Intelligent asset allocation

  • AI-powered analysis gives investment equity recommendations and builds portfolios.

  • uses Deep learning & Technical analysis to predict every asset in a portfolio.

business model

The core of our business model is to develop and deploy strategies. These strategies evaluate securities by analyzing market activity using machine learning, predictive analysis & technical trading analysis. The intelligence of these analysis is built into a proprietary software called "Smart Frequency Trading". It automatically analysis all securities every day that are listed in NASDAQ and NYSE and suggests trades for equities.

We license our software to Saroj & Bhanu Fund, LLC. 

grow wealth smartly

why invest with our AI product?

algorithmic trading
invest with machine learning
deep learning
data driven investments
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